After the birth of our daughter, my husband and I made the conscious decision to live a more sustainable life.

Not long after we embarked on this lifestyle, I found myself becoming more conscious of the products I was choosing to purchase, and how these products were manufactured and their impact on the environment.

As someone passionate about fashion and style, and in the middle of creating my denim jeans brand, I was especially shocked by the fashion world’s harmful impact on the earth through fast fashion practices.

As someone committed to sustainable living, I knew there had to be a sustainable way to create our  denim jeans.

Fortunately, there was!

After much effort, We were able to source high-quality recycled denim fabric produced from plastic bottles blended with virgin denim, and made by people who are paid fairly for their labour in safe working environments.

Finally, Geminduztrie was born, and our desire for eco-chic was realised.

From the moment you put on a pair of Geminduztrie premium denim jeans, you will immediately feel the difference in fit, quality, and style.

By purchasing a pair of Geminduztrie denim jeans, you are helping to support our earth and our company’s sustainability vision.

A word from us

Finding the right eco-friendly jeans to support your lifestyle can be a daunting and expensive experience, so knowing you can trust our brand to provide the best jeans for you (and the earth) will give you more time to enjoy the other things in life!

Our Philosophy

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